Wednesday, October 9, 2013


(Mark 16:15) And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature...

You and I, the disciples of Jesus have been given a divine mandate to spread the word of God throughout the earth.
This great commission is expected of all believers throughout ages and races.
Certainly, there are different ways by which you can evangelize to people around you. In your home, your place of work, among your friends and the world at large.  There is no better way to spread the word of God in as much as you do not deviate from the concept which is accepting Jesus Christ as ones Lord and personal saviour. You can achieve this by sending out text messages, e mails, distributing of tracts, Christian magazines, sharing of DVDs or even putting the message up as a
status message on your Social networks. There is no means that God do not use to arrest a soul for himself.

The harvest is ripe and much but the laborers are very few.  Look around, you will discover that there are so many  souls who need to be saved. The work of evangelism is not meant for pastors and evangelists alone. It is the duty of every believer, you never can tell if the person you will win for Jesus today will become a great man of God who will bring millions to the kingdom of God tomorrow.

Could it be that you are shy or that the devil is giving you a cold feet in telling others of Jesus' love? Yes I understand, some persons will mock and call you names when you profess Christ but it does not matter. The truth is that once you start to share the word of God with people, some persons will give you attitude and cold responses, but never mind, you shall overcome. It has happened to me severally especially with my colleagues at work. There was a time I put up a message on my blackberry status : "where will you spend eternity? Repent of your sins today for Jesus loves you." Do you know that one of my colleagues simply took it up on her to mock life out of me? Each time she sight me at the hallway or car park she will put up a surprise countenance and ask  me " ah  Debby!  So you are still on earth, I thought you have joined your Jesus in heaven to spend eternity"  I will only walk pass and smile richly at her and say "Jesus loves you" when she found out that none of those things affected me, she deleted me from her BBM list but that did not stop me from passing by her department and dropping a copy of some Christian magazines on her table. Am sure she is just tired of me because I won't give up on her.  Some of my school mates back in school mocked me each time I carry the bible, they called me Sister Mary, others say I was too young to suffer myself for God and all that.

In fact, expect them to even watch out for you the moment they see you sharing the word of God. They will set traps for you to fall and sin so they can laugh their heads off. Don't be weary, those are one of the silly pranks of the devil to stop you from evangelizing. Trust me, sharing the word of God with people around will help you to be closer with God. Don't be afraid, when you share the word, you shall not fail, our God will be with you.

Please Note: when you are telling someone about Jesus, please abstain from condemning him/her. Some people make the mistake of  using some harsh words on unbelievers, No! You are not to judge rather, you are to tell the person about the Love of God.

Continue to tell people about Jesus. While you do it, please pray for them as well. Yours is to do the planting and watering but our Lord will make the seed to germinate and grow. Don't be discouraged, don't be ashamed, neither say there is no time. The heavens rejoices when a soul repents and accepts Jesus. Be among the few that will reach out to the lost souls. Jesus is sending you to your friends and family that do not know God today. Please do not refuse the call.

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