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Job 22:28 “Thou shall also decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways. When men are cast down, then thou shall say there is a lifting up and he shall save the humble person.”

That our confessions rule our world is indisputable. It brings the unconscious into consciousness and the dormant into reality. Hebrews 11:1 tells us that; Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. With the above, I can say that faith confession is “the act of controlling and directing one’s life through making faith filled statements even when the situation states otherwise.”

A lot of times people’s feelings controls their emotions and through emotions they act out what they have in the store house of their hearts. The teaching about faith confession is almost everywhere. Inspirational/motivational speakers’harmer on it day in and day out but it seems that just a meagre of the dose penetrates some believer’s minds.

The flesh will always want to be pleased and placated; there is no doubt about it but a child of God should not give in to itstricks. It is normal for our emotions to trigger once things start taking an opposite direction in our lives and plans but because we are not controlled by what we see or the things we feel, we are to stay in faith and proclaim those goods things we desire even if they are not yet seen. Devil understands the power of confession that is why he always entices a child of God to say the wrong things. He tricks them into believing that what they are saying makes no sense.

Some people need serious help when it comes to controlling the things they say to themselves and 
even to their children. It is very important that you censor the things you say concerning your life as 
they are quickly activated once you speak them out. There was one of my course mates during my University years that will not stop at saying anything but negative things, to her; it’s all a joke though. Negative confession to that girl, was the order of the day, she inhales it, drinks and eat it like hamburger. Sometimes I felt like yelling at her. She says terrible things like “Ah! Whenever they are sharing bread, when it gets to me, it will turn to a bone”. Unconsciously, those confessions worked in her life. Whenever she is not in the class, a lecturer will just give a test and she will miss the marks. Eventually, negative things kept happening in her life that one day, she had a fight with her flatmate; she poured hot water on the girl which led to her rustication from school.

Have you stopped by to consider the things you say to yourself? Are they the words of faith or unbelief? It doesn’t matter what you are going through in life or the situations around you at the moment, what matters is the way you combat them. Few days ago, I was in my room writing a blog 
on the topic “Healing is the children’s bread” when my son came to me, his temperature all high. I smiled and knew immediately that the devil was trying to counter what theHoly Spirit was dropping 
in my heart to write. I held him and prayed for him. I told the tempter that my son is just fine and his temperature is normal and that his stupid tricks cannot stop me from what I was writing. My son slept off and before I knew it, he was up and was jumping round the whole house.Do not give your flesh a breathing space, keep it under control by speaking the word of God always and keep confessing positively, events in your life will just start turning around.

Brethren, there is power in the things you say and decree in your life, be it good or bad. In the life of a child of God there are ministering angels assigned to work for you. Once you profess anything positive they take it up and bring it to pass. Joshua and Caleb were not bothered a bit with the giants they saw when they went to spy the land of Canaanthey saw an Able God who has already given them the land and confessed that they will defeat the inhabitants of that land which they did. Young 
David didn’t see Goliath’s power and might, he saw God the Mighty Man of Valor, confessed that he will kill Goliath and before noon, the birds of the air fed on Goliath’s carcass.

Faith confessions apply to your children, your career, spouse and families as well. Speak into your children’s future and decree blessings into their lives. It is normal for them to upset you sometimes but NEVER curse them nor say anything negative to them.  Keep telling them that they will prosper in the land; they are for signs and wonders, intelligent, smart, and godly and will make impact in the world.

Please note: it is possible that while you confess positively the devil might try to worsen the situation but don’t give up. Keep on taking in faith, keep believing and you shall receive the blessings.  Every wining woman must be a woman who decrees blessing in the lives of her household, takes the needs of her family to God in prayers and study the word of God in order to maintain a long lasting relationship with her Maker.

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